So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Cashew Cream & Berry Chia Parfait

Breakfast, snack, divine dessert, or pre or post workout meal: no matter how you parfait, it will always be the perfect time!

Cashews are loved, yet often feared. These coveted nuts deserve a place in your pantry and whipping them into a silky alternative to dairy is a perfect way to convince you. Especially when layered into a cool, sweet, and creamy parfait with a touch of crunch. Having these prepped in your fridge and ready for a grab-and-go meal makes living healthy easy. Actually, making these for a dessert parfait is just perfect too. A drizzle of Limoncello or Cointreau elevates the snack to gourmet dessert. If you abstain from alcohol that’s ok – stick with orange or rose water for an intriguing flavor infusion.

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