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Candy Cane-less Peppermint Smoothie

Need a fix from last month’s food flare? You must try this Candy Cane-less Peppermint Smoothie

The always energetic and highly informed Talia Pollock from Party in my Plants is all about making healthy food as un-sucky as possible, and she’s very good at her job. Nothing she makes sucks. Talia is in the kitchen today, showing off her mad skills and knowledge while she whips up a post-holiday treat that will make you very happy in a pepperminty kind of way. This candy cane smoothie doesn’t even require that leftover candy cane you have lying around either.

You get all the candy cane feels and flavor without the candy cane sugar and artificial colorings. This smoothie will leave you feeling satisfied, fueled, energized, and happily filled with the holiday spirit weeks or months after you’ve packed away all your lights and decorations.

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Candy Cane-less Peppermint Smoothie



peppermint smoothieStart off your candy crushing smoothie with the frozen bananas and strawberries. These are going to be your healthy sweeteners and your source of natural food coloring. Sunwarrior’s vanilla Classic Plus brings in plenty of protein, a touch more natural sweetness, and a creamy rich flavor. Coconut water and almond milk bring the moisture you want in a good smoothie, with plenty of healthy fats and hydrating antioxidants too. Organic peppermint extract is your healthy alternative to the candy cane, with all the flavor and none of the bad.

Put it all in a blender!

Blend away! You’ll get a creamy, pink-colored smoothie that tastes even better than that red and white stick of sugar. Your teeth and the rest of your body will thank you, especially your stomach, which will be happy. But there’s more. If you want to make this a York Peppermint Patty type of a smoothie, all you have to do is use chocolate Classic Plus instead of vanilla. Enjoy your candy cane without an ounce of guilt or an ounce of actual candy cane.

Do you know what goes really well with a smoothie? A fitness routine!

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