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Burgeoning Brain or Bust

In recent years, anatomical studies have been focused upward, at the organ we call the brain. It is surprising how much we have misunderstood about the brain's function and purpose in the past. Now, with deeper and more relevant research, we are regularly discovering phenomenal facts about this harbor of consciousness. With 8 1/2 times more cells packed into this little powerhouse than the rest of our body, we must ask how much this dynamo really can do! We know from hundreds of thousands of magnetic resonance imagings (MRIs) that the average person uses less than 4 percent of his or her brain. It is no wonder that we are still struggling and potentially creating an end to our own species. We cannot allow this power to create exceptional reality—this fallow 96 percent of potential—to go to waste. We must now honor, respect, and develop the mind that resides in this anatomical genius.

We know that the brain's composition is 80% water, 15% fat, and the rest is cellular activity. The thought-producing neurons number at a hundred billion and their main fuel is essential fat, electric, protein, with a little glucose thrown in. Once we provide the chemical nourishment, we then have a leer jet awaiting our capacity to pilot it. Sadly, most of us have not attended flight school, with the exception of a handful who know how to fly Piper Cubs.

How do we take the leap from our current circumstances to the limitless potential that awaits?

First and foremost, we must have an authentic desire to evolve into consciousness. It is common to live in the unconscious, since it seemingly protects us from hurt and suffering. But once you embrace the conscious and see how provocative and engaging it can be, you see how ill-conceived it is to believe ignorance is bliss. The truth is, total consciousness increases our capacity for success, elation, contribution and compassion. All of this seems like a lot for those who live a fabricated existence. Our modern lifestyles act as buffers that prevent us from touching real life. It is within the basics that truth resides.

There is no more noble a cause than personal development. It is what motivates the father, the husband, and the son—the mother, the wife, the daughter—to be the best at what each pursues. It is this development that allows the core character of a person to come through rather than a pieced-together facade of who they think they are or should be. The first step in becoming a better, more authentic you is to commit every personal action with integrity. Don't do anything half-heartedly or half way. Why engage if not committed? It is often a lack of persistence that creates disorders, unhappiness, and failure in life. Living at the highest level of responsibility rewards you with well-being, happiness, and health.

The psychology of well-being is exactly what it says. It is within our potential to develop health at every level. Too often we surrender this potential to the so-called "profession of health care." It is easy for the health care provider to give you half answers when you are unwilling to believe and accept that you are the only one capable of healing yourself. Of course, even those of us who live a conscious life can seek the assistance of these purported well-trained professionals. In this case, we may select the advice that truly resonates with us and add it to our own repertoire of self-created solutions.

Every aspect of life should be secure and understood by a mere act of total participation. There are no gray areas for those who fully employ their gift of mental capacity. Your wildest dreams may be only a preview to the epoch movies possible in the search for higher existence. How good it is that an ever-increasing number of people are awakening to their own purpose. Their hearts expand and their heads guide them to their inherent strength. There is not one of us who does not possess everything we need to live a life worthy of being.

Give yourself the confidence to explore the deepest canyons of your desire. Take those desires and make them your guiding light. Within the endless parameter of their brilliant rays, forge ahead and totally accept the gifts that will naturally present themselves along the way.

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