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Bun-Less Portobello Hemp Burger

Have a burger, without the bun, without the meat, but with all the flavor and health! We bring you the bun-less Portobello hemp burger!

portobella_picDo you ever crave a hearty and filling burger? I call the portobello; the steak of the vegetarian world! Portobello mushrooms are hearty and have a meaty texture. Portobellos can be grilled and cooked without falling apart which is great for this recipe.

Time and time again, I see recipes which just swap out a hamburger patty for a portobello mushroom. Boring! It’s time we revamped the portobello burger and switched things around. The portobello needs to be praised a little higher than it has been. Always hiding behind cheese, meat or cream based sauces. It’s time we put the portobello on a pedestal and admire its incredible capabilities!

Instead of using a bun, I used two portobello mushrooms. This gave the sandwich so much more flavor and depth. More than any plain bun could ever do! Since the portobello is marinated in mustard and balsamic, it adds an umami flavor to the entire dish. Mushrooms absorb a lot of liquid so marinating them ahead of time will only add more flavor to the dish. Since portobellos are quiet meaty, they are quiet filling. This sandwich will sustain you for hours. I decided to fill this sandwich with a hemp slaw. It’s my favorite go to salads in the winter! Hemp seeds are on the most incredible sources of plant based protein. One tablespoon of hemp seeds contains around 5 grams of protein. They contain omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial to our body’s function. Hemp seeds have a wonderful nutty taste that pairs well with anything from savory dishes to sweet desserts. In this recipe I used around 3/4 cup of slaw in the sandwich. You can eat the rest of the slaw as a side to this dish or keep it in an air tight container for 3–4 days in the fridge.

portobella 3_pic

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