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Building Blood from Plants

Plants are the truest sun warriors! They turn sunlight into energy. Humans can use that energy to clean and build blood: from one Sunwarrior to another!

chlorophyll_green_leaf_picThe green pigment found in all plants and algae is chlorophyll. This is needed for photosynthesis to occur, a process that allows plants to absorb light from the sun and convert it into a viable energy source. Chlorophyll is almost identical to hemoglobin (human blood) except the central atom in our blood is iron, in plants it’s magnesium. Chlorophyll is nature’s greatest blood cleanser and blood builder. You can tell in plants when their chlorophyll content has dissipated. In leaves, for example, the green display is replaced by an orange, red, or brownish color from injury or oxidation. When our bodies are lacking in chlorophyll, we are much more susceptible to oxidative stress responses (free-radical production) in the body, increasing the aging process—like with leaves.

The color green is synonymous with vitality, energy, and life. It is the color-coded symbol of nature. Where there is a flourishing arrangement of this sign there is life force present. Chlorophyll builds the body from the inside out. The vibration of green in nature is clearly one of peace and ease. The heart chakra is green. Animals that are focused on vegetation have a dominantly alkaline state, exude ease, and relaxation whereas the animals that are carnivorous having an acidic state are more defensive and aggressive.

Green leafy vegetables are important for their alkaline mineral content promoting stable blood-sugar, stress reduction, clear thoughts, and muscle relaxation. Many people entering into raw foods will overeat nuts and avocados initially, which are heavy foods containing more acid-building minerals such as phosphorous, sulfur, and chlorine. Those suffering from anemia can help alleviate this condition with more fresh organically grown green vegetables and herbs. Herbs are highly alkaline and have strong medicinal properties. I enjoy a wide variety of greens and herbs such as parsley, cilantro, watercress, basil, and dandelion in my evening salad. When we apply high-heat treatment to vegetables, chlorophyll content is diminished. Studies have shown that when vegetables are cooked or boiled, the magnesium atom is exchanged out for a hydrogen atom giving the food a grayish-discoloration.

plant_sun+light_chlorophyll_new_growth_seedling_picWhen we are in a balanced state of alkalinity we are more conductive. Each red blood cell is potentially a magnetic generator. The capacity for electrical charge (ionic-exchange) for a red blood cell is relevant to the liquid-medium (blood plasma) and mineral matrix it bathes in. When we lack conductive elements, we lose our charge, thus losing our charge for life. This causes increased fatigue, joint and bone deterioration, skin blemishes, cognitive decline, and all forms of accelerated aging. Chlorophyll is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants, which can be broken down into liquid-oxygen. The beginning of any disease is the complete lack of oxygen. All relief, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, begins through the reintroduction of oxygen.

We know that our genetic code can be revealed within the study of our blood chemistry. The blood of our ancestors is our blood as well, in fact we are the fully-formed realization of every hope, dream, and vision of our blood line. The blood that travels through our vascular system is encoded with the astrological coordinates of the sun, moon, and stars. I suspect it is no different for the vascular circulatory system of plants. When we consume the roots, shoots, leaves, flowers, sprouts, and bark of a plant that has incubated in mineral rich soil we impart that plants genetics into us. We become ennobled by the accumulated wisdom that plantlife contains. This is primarily transported through its chlorophyll. This is also the same if we consume the tissues of an animal. We concentrate its experiences, hormone secretions, and environmental influences through its blood.

Chlorophyll is an effective deodorizer capable of off-setting the sulfurous by-products of oral bacteria that causes halitosis (bad breath). This can be used theoretically as a mouth wash that does not require spitting. The green pigmented substance contains a unique detoxification mechanism where it switches out its magnesium ion for copper helping to prevent the binding of DNA damaging carcinogens found in many cooked foods.

Chlorophyll represents the blueprint of health. Chlorophyll flushes out the fluid-transportation system of our body, rejuvenating us at the deepest levels for inner and outer transformation.

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