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Booty Burning Exercises for Fantastic Glutes


Marzia Prince, Healthy Housewife and fitness trainer extraordinaire, brings us two booty burning exercises, lunges and squats to really sculpt, tone, and tighten those glutes. She starts with 15 stationary lunges which focus on the larger muscle groups. Keep your core tight and follow Marzia for proper form. Then do 15 lunge pulses to work the smaller muscle groups. Follow that with a 15 second stationary lunge that works all those tiny stabilizer muscles. Shake it out and do the other leg.

Next get into the plié squats, 15 reps of the normal, 15 reps of pulses, and another 15 second stationary plié squat hold. If you need to make it harder, simply do more reps and hold longer, add some weight, or both. You'll be burning fat with the cardio and building a lean, toned butt in just a few minutes each day.




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