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BooBerry FroYo! A Frightfully Good Frozen Yogurt!

Frozen yogurt is a great way to make Halloween spooky awesome without the scare of the unhealthy! Keep Halloween Healthy for Kids (and Parents!)

It’s coming. It’s unavoidable. It’s Halloween! And it’s scary but not because of the costumes. It’s scary because your kids get hopped up on ten pounds of refined sugar and then morph into monsters of a different variety. And blowing your own healthy diet is pretty scary, too.

Look, I’m not that mom. I’m not going to pass out apples on Halloween night and chance getting my house TP’d as a consequence. But I’m also not going to encourage my kids to gorge themselves on sweets that will not only change their personalities in a negative way but will also make them sick, suppress their immune systems, and lead to tooth decay or obesity. {z438wufu}

My children’s pediatrician said his largest spike in office visits occurs the week or two following Halloween because all that sugar leads to a drop in immunity. I did a little research on this issue, and sure enough, refined sugar does not do a body good in terms of the body’s ability to prevent and fight infection. In fact, consuming processed white sugar can reduce the body’s ability to fight germs by 40%. That’s a big YIKES for moms! The last thing we need is for our little ones to come down with a whopper of a cold. Granted, sometimes catching a cold is unavoidable. But shouldn’t we try to stack the cards in our kids’ favor as often as possible?

So here’s the trick (in the form of a treat).

While you might not be able to eliminate the massive wave of candy coming your way during the holidays, you can focus on adding in healthy sweets that keep your family nourished and satisfied. That way, they’ll have less room for the bad stuff. And the bonus is that this works for parents, too!

Don’t tell me you’ve never been tempted to eat Halloween candy for breakfast. It’s ok. I’m not judging. I’ve been there. But now you can make simple, fast, and easy desserts that are packed with nutrition and keep you full for hours. And they’re not just for dessert! Enjoy this raw vegan BooBerry FroYo any time of day. I love the blend of healthy fruit carbs with filling plant-based protein, which helps to tell our brains that we are full.

This BooBerry FroYo is one of the simplest ways for you to serve up some Sunwarrior. All you have to do is get creative with the presentation, and you’re well on your way to winning over your kids’ imaginations. Even better? Let them help!

The more you get kids involved in preparing their own foods, the more you give them a sense of control and choice. I know my kids love that. Sometimes I just leave out platters of fresh fruits and vegetables on the kitchen table and let them choose what they like, combining it however they choose to. The same theory applies with this recipe. You can set out little bowls filled with cacao nibs, ground pistachios, mini celery sticks, banana slices, and blueberries to let them design all sorts of creatures!

The holidays can be healthy AND fun.

Enjoy this recipe! And don’t ever fear the effects of Halloween again.

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