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Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes

When you need a motherhood win, we’ve got your back with these blueberry oatmeal pancakes! Send them back to school right!

School mornings are busy. Getting all the kids up at the right time and to their various bus stops can prove to be a magnificent balancing act. I like to make this pancake batter before I get them up, so when they are dressed, breakfast is ready to go. It cooks up like a dream and is loved by all my kids, even the ones who claim they don’t like pancakes.

At first, my kids didn’t like oatmeal pancakes because of the texture the oats brought. However if you mix them in the blender, the blender grinds them while they are mixed and the batter comes out smooth. Now, I hear no complaints.

The oats have a ton of fiber as well as manganese and are known to reduce cholesterol. Blueberries are a proven antioxidant. They also are loaded with Vitamin K and manganese also. When sending your kids off to school, you want them to have the best chance at a good day as possible. A healthy warm breakfast is a great start to a great day!

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