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BLT Sandwich Vegan Style

Ever had a BLT sandwich vegan style? (Which, of course, means IN style!) Then have we got some tasty happiness waiting for you!

This recipe was inspired from one of my favorite vegan bakeries in Toronto. I decided to experiment and see if I could replicate the taste and flavor myself using a few simple ingredients that I found in the health food store. The “B” or “bacon” flavor in this recipe comes from the smoked coconut chips. The bakery smokes their own coconut chips, and since I have no smoker, I found these wonderful BBQ coconut chips in the health food store that I think compare to the real thing. This recipe is very simple since all the ingredients, minus the vegan mayonnaise, requires zero preparation time. Well maybe besides washing and slicing the vegetables (“L – Lettuce” & “T – Tomato”).

I bought a small loaf of the bakeries gluten-free bread which they make in-house and is truly delicious. However any gluten-free sliced bread will do. The vegan mayonnaise is not the true version that the bakery makes so I had to improvise, seeing that I don’t know the recipe for their secret mayo sauce. Equally as tasty is my version below. If you don’t have time to make a batch, you can purchase one from the health food store and use that instead.

This recipe will pleasantly surprise any “real” BLT lover. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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