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The Benefits of a Caffeine Boost to Your Day

Warm. Aromatic. Awakening. What do these three words remind you of? Of course, Coffee! I love coffee. And I am sure there are a lot of you who would drink bucketloads of it and some of you who hate the taste, smell, and everything about it. Coffee is an artistic drink. How? The right beans have to be picked, the location of coffee changes the way the coffee tastes and smells, and its acidic levels vary as well. After all this, how you make coffee and how you drink it changes everything.

Coffee_caffeine_mug_beans_ground_picApart from the tedious procedure of picking the right coffee, this warm, amazing drink has a lot of benefits.

Increased energy levels

As you all know, people turn into energy bunnies after a small coffee. Coffee is known to increase energy levels. It contains a well-known stimulant called caffeine, which travels to the blood stream and increases dopamine levels, giving you instant energy and boost for the day.

Fat burn

As coffee increases your energy levels and creates this internal rush, it simultaneously boosts your metabolism. Increase in metabolism is known to lower bad cholesterol, maintain a good weight, and burn fat. This doesn’t mean you start a coffee diet to lose weight or burn fat. Everything is done in moderation. Use it the right way to give you the right result.

Reduced risk of Diabetes

Caffeine has also been linked in studies proving that people who drink coffee every day have a reduced risk of diabetes. Diabetes is a huge problem affecting millions of people every year due to genetics or an inactive lifestyle.

While the best way to prevent diabetes is good eating habits and an active lifestyle, drinking a cup of coffee can decrease your chances of being attacked by diabetes.

Liver boost

coffee_cinnamon_anise_star_drink_flowers_white_black_picCoffee is not just good for your energy levels and protecting your body against diseases, but it’s great to get your liver up and running. Caffeine gets your liver pumping and assists in producing more bile, which escalates the detox process. According to the famous health guru, Gerson, coffee enemas have cured thousands of patients fighting cancer and a lot of people still use coffee enema to cleanse their liver, removing toxins from the colon and maintaining overall health.


Caffeine fights depression. Depression is a clinical disorder that affects 4.1% of the U.S. population. Apart from staying healthy and being involved in therapy, Harvard studies have proven that drinking more than two cup of coffee per day can reduce depression in women by about 20%.

Coffee sounds like an elixir. And it is, but if you have any medical conditions, like IBS, ulcers, etc., then it’s good to remember that coffee is high in acid. And drinking too much of it can be harmful. There are some great low-acid coffee beans sold in the market. One can also soak the coffee beans for 24 hours before consuming, as this reduces the acid level drastically.

Enjoy your cup of joy!

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