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Beet & Coconut Whip Ice Cream Bars

When you need a snack that replenishes those nutrients lost during a workout, you will want these beet & coconut whip ice cream bars!

Beets purify the blood which helps cleanse the body and are high in vitamins A, B, and C and in folic acids. Beets contain tryptophan and betaine that act as natural antidepressants and lower blood pressure. And beets were also used by the ancient Romans as a natural aphrodisiac. Later science discovered that the effect obtained was caused by high quantities of Boron.

As fitness-gurus know, beets are the number one “go-to” super root vegetable when it comes to juicing and smoothies, so why not make them into a nice flavorful ice cream snack? Married beets with coconut-based whip cream and plenty of Sunwarrior protein and you’ve got a healthy snack filled with protein benefits and great flavor!

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