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Bean Salad

Healthy, delicious, and easy to make, this bean salad is the clear winner. Welcome to dinner!

This mixed bean salad is healthy, delicious, and super easy to make. We’re talking 10 super-easy, and it stays fresh in the fridge for 4–5 days. The best part about this salad is that the longer it marinates, the better it tastes. By using fresh ingredients, this makes a great main meal, salad or salsa for any occasion. One of my favorite things about this salad is that it doesn’t contain any oil. Squeeze some fresh limes and sprinkle with Himalayan salt and pepper, and that’s it.

This salad is packed with many nutrients and vitamins starting with the black beans.

Black beans are actually legumes, and they are rich in protein and fiber. You can use organic canned black beans, or you can soak your beans a day ahead and heat them the next day.

Depending on where you live, you can use organic canned corn, or you can buy fresh corn and shave off the niblets. This recipe calls for a lot of chopping and dicing so make sure that knife is sharp. This recipe calls for chopped cilantro, parsley, and pepper. To give this recipe a kick of healthy fats, it uses creamy and ripe avocado. Avocados are one of the world's most incredible and nutrient dense foods. Avocados contain more potassium than bananas. They are also loaded with fiber which can help regulate appetite and maintain a healthy digestive tract. Most people are concerned with avocado’s high-fat content and weight gain. Although avocados are high in fat, by eating and incorporating avocados into your daily meals it will keep you more satiated which will, therefore, reduce your desire to overeat later on.

(NOTE: If you're struggling to find ways to add avocados and healthy fats to your diet, check out our 25 best ways to add avocado.

You can always add any additional beans, legumes, and vegetables to this salad. Make this your masterpiece and color your plate with vegetables

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