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Barbell Total Body Exercise


tim_mccomsey_barbell_exercise_picTim McComsey, fitness trainer and owner of TRyM Fitness, shows us a great total body workout that strengthens the core. All you need is a barbell and the desire to get fit.

Start by bending at the knees and grabbing the bar, keeping your stomach tight and your shoulders back. Lift the bar to the height of your shoulders, with your arms bent. Next, do a shoulder press by straightening your arms above your head, and hold it. Now do a lunge with your left leg, then your right. Return to shoulder_press_exercise_piccenter, bending your arms so the bar is back to shoulder height.

Continue the shoulder press and lunges. Try doing as many as you can, or perform reps of 5 or 10 to start out. This is a challenging exercise that gets your heart going, and burns a lot of calories.


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