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Apple Pie Protein Muffins

Here is something to feel grateful for this Thanksgiving season: amazing apple pie protein muffins!

Talia Pollock, vegan chef and the zany host of Party in My Plants, can pretty much guarantee that she has the power to transform you into a morning person with this recipe. If you’re already a morning person, that just means she’s already converted you preemptively. She’s that good. Her morning person apple pie protein muffins really put a pep in your pillow. Try saying that five times fast. Knowing you have one waiting for you after you hit snooze a couple times is enough to make even a morning hater happier with the sunrise. It’s time to get excited to be alive!

These are rich in plant protein. They’re dairy, gluten, and refined-sugar free. This makes them filling and easy to digest, a great combo. They taste like apple pie, which makes them worth waking up for. They’re also easy to make – always a bonus.

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