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Accepting Change With An Open Heart - Fall Season Meditation

As the season shifts from summer to autumn, there seems to be an anxiety driven response to living life. Responsibilities once again become real and we tend to sacrifice ourselves in order to achieve our goals.

accepting_change_with_an_open_heart_picNature is changing all around us and there is very little energetic stability so it is only natural for us to feel overwhelmed with all that must be done, and rather than harness that energy, we begin to doubt our capabilities, judge ourselves, or compare ourselves to others.

Rather than pulling away from these feelings, it is critical for us to lean into them so that they no longer limit us from what we are truly capable of.

You have the power and ability to achieve everything you want in this life, and as nature teaches us during these transitional seasons, change occurs gradually, choice by choice. Nature takes her time to transition, the leaves change color over many days, and it takes months before branches are bare.

This meditation helps us to be more accepting and open to the change occurring all around us. It frees us from anxiety and opens our hearts to possibility.

accepting_change_fall_season_meditation_image1. Sit in a comfortable place, I prefer bundled up outside, with your sits bones grounded and your spine lengthened. Bring your fingertips and thumb to touch, creating a circle with your hands, and hold this circle on your belly (or wherever you feel is most energetically speaking to you).

2. Focus on your inhale and exhale until you feel a sense of peace.

3. Bring your awareness to your heart chakra at the center of your breast bone and breathe here. Take long, slow, deep inhales, drawing love, patience, and acceptance into your heart space and with every exhale, call out the mantra Y-A-M (pronounced yaaaaaam) releasing anything that is no longer serving you, including fears, anxieties, judgments, comparisons, or self-doubt. Continue with this until you feel intuitively ready to move on, try for a minimum of 3–5 minutes.

4. Now bring your attention to your root chakra at your perineum. Feel yourself connected to Mother Nature and know that you embody all of her wisdom, beauty and divinity. As you inhale draw in security, connection, independence, and trust, and as you exhale, call out the mantra L-A-M (pronounced laaaaaammm) releasing the judgments and expectations you place upon yourself go. Stay here until you feel intuitively ready to move on, try for a minimum of 3–5 minutes.

5. Focus on the energy of your belly behind the circle and feel the power of your inner strength. Feel it move through your entire body. This is your guiding light.

accepting_change_with_an_open_heart_fall_season_meditation_pic6. Bring this energy up to the space where you feel any anxiety, doubt, or fear and allow your strength to help you release this tension.

7. Envision it leaving your body and allow your inner strength to coarse up and down your body from your root chakra to your sacrum, through your chakras to the top of your skull.

8. Breath and rest for a few moments and when you open your eyes, take a moment to sit with Mother Nature in the midst of her change, before carrying on with your day.

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