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A Sunwarrior Thanksgiving

Once a year we take the time to really be grateful for what we have, to think about loved ones, to say thank you to friends, family, and the universe. This is then followed by a season of giving, where charity is celebrated as one of the finest virtues. We come together to rejoice, dance, eat, make merry, and exchange gifts.

Sunwarrior has many things to be thankful for this year. We’ve outgrown our headquarters, expanded our market, broken records, and won awards, but that barely scratches the surface of what we have to be proud of this Thanksgiving.

Sunwarrior has added new people to our team, to our family. We’ve watched them learn and grow as the company has. Sunwarrior is thankful for every employee and for all that these wonderful people do for the company, for each other, and for the communities where they live.

We are also grateful for the amazing people who enjoy our products. Each one of you gives us purpose. You fuel our passion to create the finest raw, plant-based products. Thank you for lending us your strength, your courage, your love. Your comments on articles, on Facebook, and on Twitter make us smile, push us to work harder, or have even helped guide the directions we’ve taken with our company culture.

We are proud of our products. Sunwarrior could go as far as to say we love what we make. But we would be nothing without the impassioned souls who pick our products off the shelves. Stay at home moms, body-builders, chefs, health enthusiasts, mixed martial artists, runners, even those just beginning to focus on their heath or fitness, you are our kind of people. You built Sunwarrior with your desires for cleaner protein and supplements. You will mold our future. We cannot thank you enough, but we will try.

Sunwarrior will roll out some improvements to our products soon as a partial thanks to our customers. These are things you’ve asked from us and we have listened. We’ll also be announcing new products, ones designed with you in mind, new flavors perhaps and maybe some raw, natural multivitamins. We’ll keep you informed as these exciting things begin to happen and we’ll do some specials, giveaways, contests, and more so you can try everything you would like to. Thank you, warriors, and a happy, healthy Thanksgiving to you all!

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