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7 Rules for Absolute Health

Here is the scoop if you are seeking the truth (as far as I am concerned). I know everybody’s body is unique and each of us has our own special set of circumstances, but I've found some truths that really made a difference for me and my own little set of challenges.

Number one rule for me is: drink pure water.

Water helps carry nutrients to our cells and organs and carry toxins away and eliminate them from our body.

Number two rule for me is: eat whole food nutrition.

I’m talking a mostly raw food diet if you are dealing with health challenges or a 70 to 80 percent raw food diet with the remaining diet consisting of a vegetarian whole food diet. I’m talking about a diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts. Any other diet could lead to health problems. I eat mostly raw vegan, but do, from time to time, include some raw vegetarian dishes in my diet to help me with weight gain.

My number three rule is: get plenty of rest.

For me, 7 to 8 hours is beautiful. I know us Americans take pride in being movers and shakers, bragging about not sleeping much and going for long hours each day, but this is the perfect way to get old fast and mess up natural rhythms and hormone production.

Number four rule is: indulge in daily exercise.

I like going to the gym to put on a pound or two, but it is hard to beat walking and light jogging. These are cheap, good for the circulation, great for reducing stress, and excellent for mentally working through problems, life puzzles, or other challenges. You may have heard the term, “Dr. Walk.” Exercising an hour each day helps with insomnia, moves lymph fluid through the lymphatic system, carries nutrients throughout the body, improves the joints, and the list goes on and on. By the way, the mini- trampoline is a good way to end an exercise period. The lymphatic system doesn't have an organ, like the heart. It relies on movement as it recycles blood plasma, removes toxins, and carries disease fighting cells to every part of the body.

Number five rule is: clean the air and remove toxins from your life.

I probably don’t have to explain about the benefits of living and exercising while surrounded with clean pure air, but I will. Clean air is like magic to maintaining a clean blood stream, which is a huge influence on a healthy body and mind. Strive to have a toxic free home. Don’t let the bug man spray poisons in your home. Use an organic bug guy. Use toxic free cosmetics including tooth paste (watch out for fluoride, it’s rat poison), lotions, shampoos, perfumes, etc. Try coconut oil for your skin, mineral rock for deodorant, natural hair care products, and essential oils for cologne and perfume. I like to use lemon juice for my hair instead of the toxic sprays. They do have natural sprays and gels for your hair too.

Number six rule is: enjoy some sunshine, my favorite thing!

There are a lot of people out there who are afraid of the main source of life for this planet. Without the sun, we would not be here. The sun’s rays actually penetrate through the skin and into the body, exciting and stimulating cells and tissues. The sun gives us the best and cheapest source of vitamin D available. The value of vitamin D is a whole other article, but I’m sure most of you know how vital it is for us. There is a Doctor Babbitt that summed up the power of sunshine by saying, “Sunlight augments strength, beauty, and intelligence.” Those who expose a major portion of their body to the sun, naturally develop superior strength and physical prowess. My friend Marc Sorenson has written probably the most comprehensive book about sunshine and vitamin D. He has a saying, “Naked at Noon,” and he has taught me to be in the sunshine as close to naked as possible every other day for 20 minutes on each side. Try it. It is so relaxing and healing. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING STUFF!

Rule number seven: be at peace, have a clear conscious, and do no harm to anyone or anything.

Love your neighbor and live with honor and integrity, whether you believe in God or not. What does this have to do with health? This sounds like a church lecture, right? Let’s take religion out of it and talk about the effects only on your health. There is only one disease, toxicity of the body, and this toxicity comes from a weak nerve force or enervation. Enervation causes a slowdown in the elimination of tissue waste. I've included a list of causes of enervation. Maybe this list can help us achieve better physical and mental health.

Here goes…stress starts out the list which probably can’t be totally eliminated, but by observing the rest of the list maybe our stress will decrease. Worry, injury, succumbing to sensual desires, lack of sleep, use of tobacco, alcohol, stimulants, drugs, overeating (gluttony), dissatisfaction, overworked emotions, grief, anger, passion, temper, over-joy, depression, self-pity, pride, egotism, envy, jealousy, gossip, lying, dishonesty, failing to meet obligations and appointments, and taking advantage of people. Dishonesty in any form is another big part of the list. Imagine, even that can hurt us. You may have heard of the seven deadly sins. Why are they called deadly? Because, ultimately they are just that, deadly! Here they are: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

Love, honesty, integrity, peace, honor, generosity, service…these counteract the destruction of nerve energy that ultimately results in toxicity and disease. I know there are other factors in obtaining optimum health, but this is the foundation of your well-built house, your body.

Take one rule at a time and master it, then go to the next. Before long you will have changed your lifestyle and created good health habits. Before ending, may I just say, do not put into your body junk foods. These processed, prepared, and devitalized concoctions are not real foods (I know, you already knew that)!

Forest photo credit: Andreas Krappweis

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