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7 Health Apps That Have Made the World a Healthier Place

Over my life, I’ve seen this world vastly improve with technology. Cell phones now offer more technology than ever before; you can access the world from your pocket, yes your pocket. Our computers rule and run the world. We can fly anywhere we want when we want. Information moves faster than light, well, kind of with it. Apps are a dime a dozen. The best part is every year newer technology is just launching its way into our lives.

microscope_technology_small_see_picTechnology comes with cons. Technology can be a double-edged sword. With health, for example, on the one hand, it can trap you into unhealthy habits like sitting in front of a screen for long hours. Let’s face it, if we didn’t have some kinds of technology, many people in the world might actually be healthier. Then there’s the technology that makes us healthy: the new weight scales, the exercise apps that track speed and distance. Let’s not forget about hospital technology that saves millions of lives year after year. It’s all improving our lives every day and it hardly gets recognized.

So some technology is keeping us on the couch, but, on the other hand, when used wisely, it can actually help you stay healthy. I must admit I’ve been impressed with some apps lately. Not many apps sway me, but these really do work, and I want to publicly recognize them. These are seven of the most valuable health apps I've come across in my journey toward a better, healthier, and more natural life.

1. Gain Fitness Trainer

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, but this free app is a great alternative. You can build a fitness routine from the 1,300 available exercises, receiving audio guidance to walk you through the appropriate technique. If you input the equipment you have available, the app will screen for only those workouts you can complete, making it easy to modify your workout for every situation. You can also track your progress and share it with friends to keep you feeling motivated. This app is awesome, and worth mentioning as the number one app. I occasionally fall back into obsession with this app.

2. Map My Walk

woman_phone_running_exercise_outside_nature_picI walk all of the time and measuring performance was never a big deal until I became serious. Sometimes there's nothing better than a simple walk outside, whether it's through your neighborhood, in a city park, or out in the country. Map My Walk allows you to keep track of your time, distance, and pace, letting you see the calories you've burned as you go. When you finish, you can save your route for future reference or share it with your friends. You can also participate in challenges to reach certain goals, often with prizes offered by the challenge creator.

3. My Fitness Pal

One of the best-known calorie-counting apps available, this one's popularity is well-earned. You can input foods from a huge existing database or create custom foods and recipes to track your daily eating habits. You can also input your exercise to monitor the calories you've spent. When you're finished logging for the day, MFP will give you an encouraging message telling you what you'd weigh in five weeks if every day were like today, which can be immensely motivating.

4. Fooducate

Sometimes shopping can be filled with the daunting task of comparing labels to choose the best product. This app can make that process a whole lot easier. Simply scan the bar code of the item you're thinking of buying, and Fooducate will give you a quick summary of its nutrition quality. It'll also make suggestions for healthier alternatives that you can look for right in the store.

5. Nu Skin TR90

woman_yoga_apps_technology_how_to_picThis great app is underrated in my opinion. It’s the perfect accompaniment for anyone on the TR90 weight management plan, but it goes beyond that. It’s the perfect food journal. It allows you to keep track of your meals, paying special attention to vital macronutrients, as well as tracking which products you've used and how your fitness goals for the day are progressing. It communicates your goals with you and reminds you about your goals and what’s coming up.

6. Up Coffee

This innovative app keeps track of your caffeine intake and helps you understand the effects it's having on your body. It can be used to help you decide when to stop drinking coffee during the day to protect your sleep at night, or it could be used to help you understand and break a caffeine addiction. The feedback is personalized to your individual tolerance for caffeine, making this a very valuable tool for coffee lovers everywhere.

7. Lift

Fitness and health aren't just a matter of the body: they also incorporate your mind and spirit. Lift can help foster total wellness by keeping track of your life's goals and encouraging you along the way. This app acts as a pocket-sized life coach, gently reminding you of what you're supposed to be doing while putting you in contact with a supportive community who can hold you accountable and celebrate your successes.

phone_apps_hand_outside_nature_picIn Conclusion

Using apps every day can be difficult. It’s not easy clocking information into your smartphone every day, but app technology can truly make you more healthy if you do it right. Best of luck on your healthy path!

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