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6 Ways Raw Food and Fitness can Increase Your Productivity

It can be hard to get moving sometimes, but set your health in the frame of nutrition and fitness, and we’ll see you increase your productivity.

asian_woman_jogging_fall_autumn_leaves_outside_happy_picWhile we are busier than ever in today’s high tech, social media world, how do we plan, prioritize and get through our multiple to-do lists if we are feeling sluggish and lack energy? With so much to do and so little time it’s no wonder many people suffer from stress and anxiety and, by extension, bad health. However, your health should be your number one priority. Without good health you cannot be productive and happy.

So if you would you like to have more energy, stamina, and vitality to get more done throughout the day and truly enjoy life at the same time, the key likely exists through fitness and the consumption of raw foods. The raw and living foods lifestyle provides the body with the highest potential for absorbing nutrients, while exercising will help to build stamina and shape and strengthen the body.

So let’s dive further and find out what makes raw and living foods, as well as fitness, a great and powerful dynamic duo.

1. Fat Loss:

Strong scientific evidence shows that physical activity supports fat loss and helps to maintain a healthy physique over time. Further, the water content, fiber, and nutritional richness of raw and living foods makes this lifestyle a great weight loss and fat fighting regimenand one of the easiest ways to lose unhealthy weight. Having extra pounds weighing us down can also slow us down, so getting rid of some of that fat can increase our productivity.

2. Increase Energy and Endurance:

Raw and living foods are rich in energy boosting nutrients that can help increase your overall endurance. They are also energizing and easy to digest as they contain enzymes that help digest the food for you. These naturally occurring enzymes minimize the stress otherwise placed on your organs during digestion; the result: energy levels increase. By consuming the right proteins, fats, carbs, and fiber from raw and living foods, you are also family_daughter_parents_salad_food_healthy_teach_together_picensuring your body receives the longest burning fuel so you can have sustained energy.

After a workout, many people find they feel much more energetic. When we exercise, we increase our blood flow which delivers more oxygen throughout the body. That oxygen helps to create energy. In addition, regular exercise keeps us in good shape so we don’t tire as quickly, resulting in more energy and greater endurance.

3. Enhance Immune System:

The combination of both raw foods and fitness provides special support for the body in fighting viruses and other harmful diseases.

The raw food diet strengthens and conserves energy for the immune system while providing immunity boosting phytonutrients. Concurrently, according to many health experts, exercise spikes the immune system to help ward off colds and infections.

4. Good Health & Disease Prevention:

Exercise and raw, living foods have been known to contribute to an improvement in chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. This dynamic duo helps lower high blood pressure and cholesterol and even supports the maintenance of a healthy weight. Both exercise and eating raw food paves the way to optimal health and the prevention of disease.

5. Build Lean Muscle - Strength Training for Longevity:

Weight training is a critical component in a person’s overall fitness plan. It helps improve bone density, build strength, keep you toned, and increase your resting metabolism, which further reduces body fat even at rest. And while weight training helps strengthen your muscles, raw and living foods will aid in the repair process once the muscle fibers have been broken down after a strenuous workout. All of this gives you more energy and strength to be productive.

Protein is essential for repairing and building new tissue. Fortunately, all plants contain protein and therefore eating a good amount and wide variety of them will provide your body with what it needs in order for muscle growth to occur. Eating a wide variety is particularly important since most plants only contain a few amino acids and you need all of them to remain healthy. Foods such as sea vegetables, dark leafy greens, algae, nuts and seeds, and grains are all excellent raw sources of protein that will help build stronger muscles and a leaner physique.

6. Enhance Mental Performance:

Physical activity also improves your mental health. Regular physical activity can help sharpen memory, boost brain power, enhance creativity, and prevent cognitive decline.

Similarly, raw and living foods improve your mental ability and health, resulting in a sharper and clearer mind.

The secret to being productive is making a lifelong commitment to a lifestyle that emphasizes raw and living foods and regular physical activity that will maintain a healthy and powerful body for years to come.

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