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5 Ways to Eat More Plants throughout the Holiday Season

Get your plants on so you can get your pants on this holiday season by upping your fruit and veggie intake!

While there are loads of things you'll consume during the holiday season, a plethora of plants (fruits and veggies) isn’t typically on that list. But trust me on this, the holiday cheer that we all crave can’t be ours if we’re only stuffing ourselves with pumpkin pie, eggnog, and candy canes. Eating plants will help our immunity, pant-size, mood, skin, and energy stay cheery all ho-ho-holiday season long.

Use the following five tips to make sure you’re squeezing some nutrition in between the festive fun!

1.) Always start your day with a plant-packed protein smoothie.

It’s not a perfect plan to leave your plant-consumption up to chance. I mean, who knows what’s going to be served at your company party? What if the only green thing is mistletoe?! If you start your day with a gigantic green smoothie, packed with fruits and greens (kale or spinach) and Sunwarrior protein galore, it matters less if the only veggie at a holiday party is mistletoe because you’ll have already packed in tons of plants earlier in the day. (Which’ll actually give you long-lasting energy in case you want to capitalize on the mistletoe. Wink, wink.)

2.) If you’re going to get seconds at a holiday meal, double down on the veggies.

Re-loading the plate at a holiday is what it’s all about! But when you go back for seconds or thirds, it’s definitely in your best interest to make your bonus food mostly veggie food. Vegetables are what’ll help you feel full with the least amount of calories and the most amount of nutrition (assuming, of course, you don’t consider a sweet potato casserole with marshmallows “veggie food”).

3.) Always bring a plant-based dish(es) to your gatherings.

Even though you might be able to lean on your family for emotional support and count on your friends to pick you up when you’re down, you can’t necessarily count on all those people to provide great plant-based dishes at holiday gatherings. (Sorry to burst your bubble.) But it’s all good because you can just bring those plant-based dishes yourself and be the holiday hero! If you can bring your own plant-based veggie and protein-packed entree as well as a healthy dessert, you’re good no matter what.

4.) Sneak it into seemingly non-plant-y stuff!

Know how to totally win at the holidays? By putting plants in your desserts. Ever heard of black bean brownies? Or chickpea blondies? With both of those recipes, you’ll get your holiday dessert fix PLUS a hefty source of plants (and protein) from the black beans and chickpeas. It’s a win-win for your taste buds and your waistline!

5.) In between holiday meals, sip lemon water.

Nothing is more simple and detoxifying than water with a little fresh lemon juice squeezed into it. Sipping on lemon water throughout the day during the holiday season is a great way to help keep your system going strong! Lemon water can help encourage elimination, facilitate detoxification, boost your immunity, keep your skin bright and clear, balance your blood sugar, and loads more that you can read about here.

Start your day with one of those smoothies we’ve talked about!

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