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5 Steps to Alkalize an Acidic Body

The body is pretty adept at taking care of itself, but we need to feed and treat it right. Try these tips to help your body alkalize itself.

woman_smile_pretty_beautiful_apple_teeth_blue_eyes_picThe human body is a beautiful machine. It has some great abilities to keep up with our daily lives, amazing techniques to heal, and a marvelous knack to work efficiently when kept in good shape. And as magnificent and beautiful as it is, it’s equally complicated and needs maintenance.

The human body has its own way of balancing its pH level, or the measure of acidity or alakanity in a solution. The more acidic the body is, the higher chance of inviting diseases and allowing your body to go through chaos. Your pH level basically determines your health. Seven is neutral, below seven is acidic and above seven is alkaline. Our blood is supposed to be alkaline if the body is healthy and active. Most of the diseases—cancer, acid reflux, skin diseases, tumors, etc.—are caused by high acid levels.

What happens when your body is too acidic?

When the body is too acidic, it shows that your lungs, kidneys, and liver are not functioning right. Too much acid in the body could be due to diabetes, a high fat diet, too much lactic acid build up, a sedentary lifestyle, too much alcohol, smoking, or stress. This may lead to loss of appetite, shortness of breath, acne, confusion, fatigue, and cancer!

When acidosis occurs, it’s time to balance to your pH level—make your body more alkaline and allow it to heal. You can test your level by using pH strips for your saliva or urine. The best test is a blood test, which is considered more accurate.


Here are some ways to balance your pH level.

  1. cucumber_mint_lime_water_alkaline_drink_taste_picUse sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in water. Baking soda has a pH level of 10–12, which helps to reduce acid levels.
  2. Stop eating acidic foods: milk, bread, meat, soda, beans, coffee, and white sugar.
  3. Consume alkalizing foods: fruits, greens, water, complex carbohydrates.
  4. Stop stressing. Your mind and body are linked. Every time you stress, your body’s pH level decreases. It’s equal to someone pouring a little more acid into your body. Find ways to relax and handle situations in a calm manner.
  5. Staying active increases your oxygen level and helps keep your organs healthy and improves your immune system.

Alkaline = Plant based diet + active body + stress management.

Eat right. Feel right.

Try an alkaline smoothie!

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