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5 Fun and Fit Ways to Picnic!

The sun is up! Get outside and enjoy the day with fun and fit ways to picnic and enjoy the warm weather!

With summer in full swing, it’s a great time to start thinking about those outdoor activities you’ve missed over the colder months. Biking, hiking, camping, Frisbee in the park, and picnics are on the top of my list! Picnic foods can quickly add up in the calories department, but with this following guide, you will be able to pull off a spectacular healthy and fun picnic. So grab your picnic essentials, scope out a great location, and enjoy the nicer weather heading your way!

Plan a Fun Activity

Let's face it, if you're into picnics you probably enjoy the idea of being outside. And if you like being outside, finding a fun activity to do shouldn't be too difficult. Picnics are a great way to do something fun and active with your partner or in a group setting. A few great ideas to get active and rev up your metabolism are playing Frisbee, having a scrimmage game of soccer, or taking a brisk walk along the picnic grounds. Don’t forget, having a picnic may bring back great childhood memories, so don’t be afraid to let your inner kid out! Swing on some swings, or take the opportunity to work on your upper body strength and do some pull ups on the monkey bars! The outdoors is really your playground, so why not use it to your advantage.

Pack Fun Finger Foods

Picnics have had the stigma of fried chicken, heavy potato salads and digestive upset. However, as we are becoming more health conscious, our picnic baskets have become a little on the lighter side too. Picnic foods can definitely be fun and healthy. Tomato and cheese kabobs, hummus with asparagus tips, carrots and radishes for dipping, perhaps a natural sweet fruit salad, or peanut butter celery sticks. Packing healthy and fun finger foods for a picnic can be flavorful and healthy without ending in digestive upset.


Salads are a great source of healthy nutritional value. Cutting back on high fat, high calorie dressings, and aiming for lemon, vinegar, or yogurt based choices are your best healthy options. Adding in beans, nuts, tofu, and grains will not only fill you up, but will help fuel you too - especially if you are going to take a hike, run around, and have a little fun. Whoever said that salads were boring? Salads are limited by only your imagination.

Try a Picnic Hike

When scoping out your picnic playground, try looking for one that has hiking trails. Instead of packing a picnic basket, pack a picnic backpack and hit the trails. It’s a great way to catch a sunset, work your glutes, burn some calories and find your Zen. Since hiking is great source of cardio, you will definitely be able to pack a little more healthy carbs and protein to sustain your activity level. This is a great opportunity to bring your family dog along for some fun too. Just don’t forget to pack a portable bowl and a snack to keep your furry friend hydrated and energized too!

Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is important 24/7. I can never stress this enough. Water is also your best option. Did you know that once you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated? So don’t wait until you feel the thirst to drink up. If you’re planning that picnic hike, don’t forget to chill a couple bottles to pack in your backpack. If you’re hanging around your picnic zone, have some fun and throw some fresh fruit, sliced lemon or oranges into your water pitcher and naturally sweeten it up if you want to change it up a little. However you want to drink your H2O, make sure it’s on the menu.

Fun and fit ways to picnic your way through the summer have no limits. Finding that time for a little Zen, a little hike, a little sunset, with healthy food options are among the best ways to enjoy a summer day.

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