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4 Ways to Find Dietary Balance

by Lauren Rae, TRYM Fitness CPT

Ever heard the quote, “Too much of a good thing is still too much”? That can apply to many aspects of life, including a healthy diet. Sometimes striving for dietary perfection can cause more harm than good as these healthy lifestyle changes can easily turn into obsession. In addition, over-eating healthy foods can also tip the scale in the wrong direction and cause an effect on your mood, relationships, and energy level.

Each bite can help you focus on health and success—not calories.

4_ways_to_find_dietary_balance_picEvery choice you make can hurt or improve your health. Make sure you are focusing on your goals when you make dietary choices, without focusing on calorie count. Just eat clean, healthy food that will help you feel better inside and out. Drinking water and exercising regularly are just as important when aiming to maintain a healthy metabolism and appetite.

Moderation with consistency is key.

While your body has unlimited potential, overworking and over dieting can be detrimental to your health. Starting slow when you begin any lifestyle changes is best and your rate of success actually goes up with the fewer goals you attack at once. Try small things like drinking an extra cup of water every day and work up to that gallon everyone talks about. Or add another serving of vegetables to your daily intake while you learn to fit several small meals into your daily plan. Even working around the house in athletic clothing can put you in the mood for some exercise that can turn into routine! Basically an all or nothing approach is not the healthiest answer and can often lead to a downward spiral. Nothing should be off limits as long as it’s taken in moderation. Your body loves to be in a rhythm, so ease out of one and into another.

How you eat matters: being mindful and deliberate.

how_to_balance_your_diet_imagePortion sizing matters. Do some research and talk to a professional who can give you healthy guidelines. Always reach for whole foods to get nutrients and vitamins that have been minimally processed. Take time to appreciate where the food came from; learning to be appreciative of each bite can keep you from overeating. If you have any questions, just listen to your body. You know what you need at every moment if you’re willing and able to listen in. There is also a social benefit to eating with others rather than eating alone. It can be uplifting as long as you’re surrounding yourself with people who encourage your healthy dietary changes. Whether you eat with friends or alone, eating mindfully can make all the difference.

Macronutrients & Micronutrients: how they can influence your health.

Finding the correct macronutrient balance between healthy lean proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, and healthy fat sources can help manage your hormones, mood, energy, and physique. In combination with plenty of rich fiber and the micronutrients found in organic low-sugar fruits and leafy green fibrous vegetables, it’s possible to take back control of your diet without overdoing it in your head and on your plate.

In closing, the focus of your dietary goals shouldn’t negatively affect the rest of your lifestyle, but purely enhance it. Finding balance between what is best for your body and what you’re capable of achieving in the moment is the best way to proportionately attack your nutrition goals.

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