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3 Tips to Party with Awareness

In the world of diet, raw foods, and health orientation,we sometimes get lost in all the minutia of trying to be healthy and forget about having fun. It is my opinion that at the end of the day, if you are not having fun, you are not healthy, regardless of what diet you subscribe too. Each of us, especially my generation, grew up in a partying culture. Everyone likes to have a good time; in fact, celebratory gatherings are hardwired into us from ancient times. Humans have always been overtly campfire_bonfire_man_woman_wine_alchohol_relax_warm_drink_picsocial beings who gather around campfires, tell stories, consume some form of herbal or alcoholic beverages, and go on with life until they meet back up to do it all over again. This practice shouldn’t be abandoned; it is to be embraced and enjoyed.

The great distinction in our modern times is that the forms of celebratory tools commonly administered—as with pharmaceutical medicine—are highly synthetic, imbalanced, and promote a drastic dip into further unconscious or inconsiderate behaviors. For those who have been on the health path for years, there tends to be a consistent decline in our desire to go to conventional nightclubs, bar scenes, and such. Yet many of us still enjoy the high vibe atmosphere of being around our friends, letting loose a bit, and sometimes amplifying our energy with “new age” enhancements of high mountain spring water, green vegetable juice, superfoods and tonic herbs, raw chocolate, and pre-party yoga.

For those who are still on the typical party circuit, and even those who aren’t, I want to share a few tricks of the party trade you or anyone you know can apply to both enhance your experience and curb the repercussions of going overboard.

Activated Charcoal: If you are not familiar with “chelation” supplements and foods then now is to time to do your homework. In 1831, a man named Professor Touery performed an experiment in front of the French Academy of Medicine where he drank a lethal dose of strychnine combined with activated charcoal. Because this supplement binds onto toxic materials, offsetting liver toxicity, he had no health threatening effects. (However, we in no way endorse intentionally poisoning yourself. Please do not try this at home.)Estimates are up to 60% for efficacy in reducing the absorption of poisonous substances in the body. Through its binding or absorbing mechanisms it acts to neutralize chemicals in the body that would otherwise require the liver to buffer. In this respect, activated charcoal is a suggested supplement for all forms of liver toxicity, including alcohol, street drugs, pharmaceuticals, and high alkaloid containing plants/herbs.

It is suggested to take 1–2 times the recommended dose of activated charcoal before and after moderate to heavier alcohol consumption.

chocolate_hot_drink_bar_nuts_cacao_cocoa_brown_picHerbal Chocolate Elixirs: A number of years ago I began organizing “chocolate night clubs” in Los Angeles. This was to introduce a new method of partying that is both healthy and extremely fun. Aside from fermented beverages, cacao(chocolate) drinks were the celebratory drink of ancient Mesoamerican tribes for thousands of years. Chocolate has been scientifically studied as an alcohol replacement due to its complex chemical makeup. It elicits neuro-chemicals that enhance a state of wellbeing, love, and supreme entertainment. When we combine cacao beverages with tonic herbs such as reishi mushroom, kava root, schizandra, astragalus, mucuna pruriens, and other subtle mood enhancing herbs, the good times keep on rolling!

Water: Regardless of how you celebrate, make sure to consume copious amounts of fresh water. One of the great downfalls of modern party circles is dehydration. This is why most people get sick, pass out, or have severe hangovers(aside from liver toxicity). Nature’s solution to pollution is dilution. Drink water and sea salt together to maintain kidney, adrenal, and blood balance through your night. When waking in the morning, it is suggested you drink twice as much (2 liters) fresh water with at least 1/4 tsp of sea salt to rebalance the system.

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