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3 Medicine Ball Exercises for Your Abs

Healthy Housewife Marzia Prince shares a series of medicine ball ab exercises to tone up that tummy this summer.


In the ball to toe exercise, lay on the floor, one knee up, one leg flat, with your hands holding the medicine ball above the head. Raise the ball as you bring your leg up to touch. Release back to the floor then repeat. Alternate those legs and do the exercise again.


In the next exercise, lay on your back with your hands extended above your head and both legs in the air. Bring the ball toward the knee, then follow through up to the feet, remembering to breathe out. Relax and repeat. Keep the motion slow and controlled.


In the medicine ball twist, sit on the floor, bend your knees, and lift your feet off the floor, so you're balancing on your buttocks. Hold the medicine ball with both hands and twist the ball left to right.

Each of the exercises can be done in sets you are comfortable with. For an extra challenge, use a heavier ball.

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