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3 Important Additions to your Pregnancy Hospital Bag

Hey mommies and mommies-to-be!

Last time I talked about my experience at home after giving birth. Today I’m going to give you a few tips on what to take with you to the hospital, and I’ll share my hospital experience.

The Hospital:

As you know, there are lots of blogs and lists online that tell you what to bring to the hospital or what to have on hand for a home birth.

sarah_edmondson_baby_breastfeeding_necklace_heart_love_happy_picThe bonus things I want to share with you were essential for me. One main thing I suggest is to have fresh and raw coconut water on hand to replace electrolytes. I sipped a bottle for energy on my second round of pushing. I honestly think that the clean sugar gave me the extra boost I needed to have a natural birth. I also had my Sunwarrior Liquid Light at the hospital and every day while I recovered for more electrolytes and replenishing minerals.

The other thing that wasn’t mentioned in any other blog was what to pack in a bag for my husband. I had everything I needed for our baby and me, but nothing for poor Anthony! By the time we got home, he smelled like a goat and couldn't shower fast enough. We were at the hospital from Wednesday night to Friday afternoon.

So remember: birth partners need clean clothes too!

Another tip is to have healthy food ready and waiting for you both at the hospital and at home. My dear friend Tori from Nectar Juice ( brought a few different blends, and I stuck to those and my smoothies for the first few days so my body could focus on recovery not digestion.

So that is what I did! I’d love to hear from all you lovely mommies out there! What was your experience? What tips do you have for future moms?

Till next time…



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