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3 Exercises to Blast Fat Fast!

In a hurry but still want to get a killer, fat-burning cardio workout? The stair mill, battle ropes and plyometrics are your new best friends!

Hit the Stairs

The stair mill provides an aggressive cardio workout that really targets the legs and glutes. This workout is perfect for when you are short on time and desire to burn major calories while maximizing fat burn.

The stair mill has the ability to take your legs and glutes through a full range of motion as you work to climb what may seem like an endless set of moving stairs. Don't be intimidated! Hold the rails lightly or aim to balance your body and let go of the handles while allowing your lower body to do most of the work. After warming up, perform 1 minute at level 8, then immediately increase the intensity to level 18 for 30 seconds. Complete 7 rounds of this interval set, back to back. Next move to level 6 and skip steps for more of a "lunge" step. This combination will target your glutes and hamstrings while burning fat and strengthening your core.

Implement Battle Ropes

Ropes give you a fun and challenging workout that seriously lifts your heart rate while ensuring every muscle in your body gets pumped. Battle ropes, also known as heavy ropes, are a great way to send your pulse soaring while increasing core and upper-body strength.

To start, stand with your feet planted shoulder-distance apart, abs engaged.

For the slams, bring the ropes overhead and powerfully smack them to the floor.

For waves, swing arms up and down to create a wavelike motion with the rope.

Keep the intensity strong from start to finish during all of the exercises.

Blast Fat with Plyometrics

A high intensity workout with plyos engages the central nervous system and boosts metabolism for increased fat loss long after your workout is over. For a sample plyo workout, choose 3 plyo exercises such as walking lunges, T push-ups, mountain climbers, jump squats or burpees. Perform each exercise for a minute and then rest 30 seconds in between. Complete 3 rounds total of the plyometric circuit and take 2 minutes of active recover after each round.

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