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11 Summer Tips and Activities

By Michele the Trainer

Don’t let the heat keep you inside. Follow these tips for a super healthy and fun summer!

1. Don’t Ignore Your Core

Summer is a great time to restart or begin a new core exercise program.

man_paddleboard_sunswet_water_summer_activity_exercise_fun_pic2. Paddleboard Yoga

Salute the Sun! Try spending some time on a Stand Up Paddleboard! Take your sun salutations to the paddleboard rental place on a lake or ocean harbor area. Surya Namaskar on a paddleboard recruits the muscles of balance, which increases your overall benefits. Ready for adventure? Plan a paddleboard field trip. Don’t forget to wear a lifejacket!

3. Hydrate

Your body loses water when you sweat! Summer makes us sweat more, so to prevent dehydration, which can cause cramping, we have to be more mindful of hydration.

4. Smoothie Weather

Morning smoothie, after workout smoothie, or smoothie for dinner, summer fruit arrives just in time for refreshing, replenishing meal ideas. For both hydration and replacing electrolytes, Sunwarrior has the answers for you in their smoothie ebook!

5. Missing Minerals

Besides water, you also lose minerals called electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium and calcium. Your body eliminates approximately 10 cups of water daily, even without exercise. Dehydration occurs when you eliminate more water and minerals than you replace. Unfortunately, we’re not always paying attention to how much water we drink, especially when we’re playing in the water. The Aquatic Exercise Association States,

“Aquatic fitness participants and professionals must maintain proper hydration even though the loss of fluids through sweating is not as obvious when training in the water. Drink water before, during and after all training sessions. Increase fluid intake when the water and air temperatures are above recommendations, when the workout is extremely intense, if you consume caffeine or other diuretics and if you are pregnant.”michele_the_trainer_suba_diving_water_pic

Loss of minerals and sweat is much more apparent during land workouts, but participants of either should be mindful of staying properly hydrated, especially in summer. I replenish my minerals with Sunwarrior Liquid Light and Vitamin Mineral Rush.

6. Scuba or Snorkel

Learn to scuba or snorkel. Get certified before your holiday. You will have more time to read, learn, and practice if you get this sorted out from your hometown. If you are certified and haven’t been diving in over six months, you can take a refresher course. Review your skills and enjoy your holiday. Do it!

7. Visit the Pool

For swimming, aquatic fitness, or just relaxing, the pool is a great addition to your summer schedule. Just take a look at seven reasons you need aquatic fitness.

8. Pull out Your Bike, it’s Cycling Weather

It’s triathlon season or training weather. Early summer mornings and evenings present excellent weather to use your bicycle and get outside. Enjoy your cycling; this doesn’t have to be Tour de France training. You can rent a surrey with your family and just have some fun!

9. Evening Walks

With longer days, you can take Fluffy for an after dinner walk. Remember to bring along some water for yourself and your family pet.

10. Relaxing

Hammock time! Relaxing is important for reducing stress. Summer is a great time to get in the hammock and just relax. Enjoy your summer!

11. Make a Sexy Salad

summer_salad_greens_avocado_watermelon_picNo more boring salads. Summer brings salad opportunities for picnics, potlucks, and health. Summer brings colorful and bountiful produce, and warmer weather lends itself to eating cooler foods as main dishes. Raw, organic vegetables are high in nutrients. Good fat avocadoes are often abundant in summer too. I wrote my book Sexy Salads because I was tired of boring salads. Step it up this summer; your salad doesn’t have to be boring. It can be a Mediterranean kaleidoscope of colors, look amazing, and taste delicious!

Here is Michele’s author page where you can find her book Sexy Salads.

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