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10 Ways to Get a Stunning and Flat Tummy

Guest post by Evlin Symon

The belly can be a troubled area when it comes to holding fat. There are many different ways to add weight to your midsection, but there are only a few ways to turn that flabby waist into rock hard abs. If you are tired of your tummy holding all your weight, here are ten ways to get a stunning and flat tummy.

Move Quickly

There is not one exercise or diet that can cure belly fat. It takes a combination of different things to obtain a flat tummy. Instead of strolling when you walk, speed up your pace. When you exercise, opt for fast-paced cardio. This exercise will help you burn calories. As a result, you will lower your overall body fat. Yes, this includes your midsection. Besides strolling, you can also go cycling on a stationary bike, biking in the park, running, or even jumping rope to help you lose the weight. Whatever you pick, do your exercise at a sprint pace.


5 times a week for 60 minutes each fast paced cardio session.

Use Short Burst

This was alluded to earlier, but when you are exercising, there needs to be a few moments of maximum speed. This means that you should adapt to doing interval training. Interval training is when you mix regular exercise with fast-paced bursts. The fast-paced bursts are important if you want to lose belly fat. Bursts can be in the form of jump roping faster, swimming, dancing, or biking at a faster pace.


If you are walking, you should do two-minute sprints for one minute of walking.

Strength Training

plank_woman_exercise_core_strength_picYou have to get stronger if you want to lower your belly fat. You can do all the cardio you want, but it alone will not flatten your stomach. You need to add strength training to your regimen. This will help you work on your core. Strength training can be core-carving yoga poses, plank variations, etc.


You should strength train at least twice a week. It can be in thirty minute sessions.

Watch What You Eat

Digestive issues are the main reason people have a bloated belly. If you are tired of your stomach holding fat, you need to avoid eating dairy products, foods with high-fat and high-sodium, gum, and carbonated beverages. Beer is also a no-go. It contains carbon dioxide that causes your stomach to bloat. If your body is bloating, you can try various yoga positions to get the bloating to decrease.

Fill Your Plate With These

For most people, bloating causes constipation. Therefore, if you are bloated, you need to increase your daily intake of fiber. That means you need to eat a minimum of 30 grams of fiber a day. You can get this recommended dose by eating foods such as avocado, raspberries, and other high-fiber foods. Water also works as a dietary aid. If you are feeling constipated, drinking water can help regulate you. Other foods such as blueberries and pineapples are the best fiber foods if you want to target your midsection. You can mix them up in a smoothie for daily use.

Always Eat Breakfast

smoothie_red_berries_raspberries_blueberries_strawberries_fruit_breakfast_yum_picIt is tempting to skip breakfast when you are running late, but it is not good for you to do so. Breakfast helps kick start our metabolism for the day. A higher metabolism helps you lose overall fat. Make sure your meals have protein, little sugar, and complex carbohydrates. Protein is great for energy. You will need energy to burn fat and to exercise. If you do not have time to cook breakfast, try to make a smoothie at night for the morning. It can be a substitute for breakfast.

Eat Your Snacks

You are allowed to eat two snacks a day. That is one snack between meals. If you do not indulge in a snack, you are more likely to overeat when it is time for your meal. A good snack is under 150 calories and contains protein.

Keep A Food Diary

Keep track of your calories. This makes you accountable for everything that you eat. The food diary should also keep track of your weight loss. If you are doing a different exercise routine, also take note of that. Remember to always be honest when you record your progress.

man_sleeping_alarm_bed_table_picGet Some Sleep

If you do not get enough sleep, you are hurting yourself. Sleep can help or hinder weight loss. Sleep helps rejuvenate your body. If you do not get enough, your body produces cortisol. This hormone can cause you to increase your fat storage and to overeat. Allow yourself time to go to bed and to wake up. You need the recommended eight hours of sleep a day.

Be Kind To Yourself

Everyone is not meant to be a size zero. Do not fret over your body image. This can cause stress, and stress does not help you lose weight. Instead of spending hours in the mirror glaring at your waistline, be active. You are beautiful, flab and all.


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