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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Health Obsessed Sweetheart

For Valentine’s Day, give the gift that tells your loved one you want them to be around for a while. Give the gift of health.

Valentine’s Day, the day of love is traditionally celebrated with flowers and chocolate. As much as flowers are lovely, they die within a few days. As much as we love chocolate, it tends to deposit in areas of the body that aren’t ideal. If your sweetheart is on a health kick then think outside the box. There is more than flowers and chocolate to give on Valentine’s Day. So why not opt for something different?

The love in your life deserves the best. Here are ten unique ideas that will impress your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day this year.

Essential Oil and Diffuser

Essential oils have become very popular, and they’ve had rave reviews for their healing effects. They can be used internally, topically, and inhaled using a diffuser. Some of the more popular ones are peppermint, lavender, lemon oil, orange oil, and frankincense.

Peppermint oil relives muscle aches and pain (especially helpful for headaches).

Lavender oil is well known for its soothing and calming properties. It helps relieve insomnia, is used for accelerating healing, and great for healing burns, cuts, and wounds.

Lemon oil and orange oil are two of my favorite oils to add to drinking water to give it a kick in flavor. Lemon oil especially has many cleansing properties: it stimulates lymph drainage, improves weight loss, kills bacteria, and supports the immune system.

Last but not least is the king of essential oils: frankincense. It is one of the most powerful essential oils and has been known to help fight cancer, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and cleanse and detox the body. What health-obsessed sweetheart wouldn’t want some of these oils in their healing cabinet?

Infrared Sauna Sessions

Infrared saunas are saunas that use heat and light to help relax and detoxify your body. Infrared saunas can also help to relieve pain, increase circulation, purify the skin and help you shed some weight. If you and your loved one have not tried an infrared sauna yet, this might be a new adventure.

Spa session or Massage Session

Massages or spa treatments are always great gift ideas. Who doesn’t love to be pampered? This is a great way to relax, destress, and feel rejuvenated. If you are so inspired, book a couple’s massage or spa treatment and relax, distress and rejuvenate together.

Favorite Health Book or Healthy Cookbook

Does your sweetheart love to cook? Is he or she an avid reader? What about taking a trip to the bookstore and checking out the wellness books and cookbooks on the bestseller list. Maybe even decide on something you want to cook together.

Juice Cleanse Program

I love this one because I don’t think many people would probably think of this idea. There are so many juice bars, vegetarian, or raw food restaurants that offer juice cleanses for one day or multiple days. The best part of this? Some even deliver to your door. Super convenient!

The Spiralizer

Kitchen gadgets, we never can have too many. They make our life easier, allow us to prep faster and of course even make fancy dishes. The top one on my list is a spiralizer. So many people these days are watching their carbohydrate intake, especially when it comes to pasta. This cool gadget uses vegetables such as zucchini and sweet potato, spins it into a spiral shape which can then be used as a low carb pasta substitutions. Add some marinara or pesto sauce and you’ve got yourself a healthy pasta dish that even the pickiest Italian will like.

Healthy Gift Basket

If you are stuck for ideas, here is another good one for you. Put together a basket full of healthy goodies. In the basket you can add herbal teas, healing powders such as Ashwaganda, Astragalus, or mushroom powders, raw nuts, spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, sweeteners such as stevia, coconut oil and coconut butter and of course you can add any of the essential oils mentioned above. When it comes to gift baskets, there are endless combinations of items that can be added to create a beautiful basket your sweetheart will love.

Fitness Membership or Yoga Classes

If your sweetheart is a yogi or gym rat, offer to pay for the next fitness membership or top off his or her yoga card.

Fitness Gear

If your love is a fit fashionista, why not buy some new fitness gear. A fitness nut can never have too many workout leggings, shorts, tanks, or running shoes when working out. What about a new fancy bottle, gym bag, activity tracker or even a jump rope for those HIIT workouts? My latest favorite is a foam roller to massage tight achy muscles.

Sunwarrior Bundle

Surprise your sweetheart with a Sunwarrior bundle. Pull together a few essential items such as vanilla or chocolate protein powder, Ormus Greens, and Raw Vitamins for Her or for Him. This is sure to give their cells all the raw materials to re-build and re-generate. This is sure to keep your loved one healthy obsessed. This means they’ll live longer, and you’ll be with them longer. Everybody wins!

A great way to get you going on resolutions is joining our fitness challenge!

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