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SuperMint & Blueberry Kefir Ice Cream Protein Bars

Here’s a winter favorite, one that is minty sweet with a refreshing blueberry aesthetic twist. I had an appetite for some healthy antioxidants and mint and created a treat that was rather unusual. With exceptional taste and no added sweeteners, this desert came together into a delicious, plant-based kefir, protein bar that rises beyond the level of actual homemade ice-cream. The only trick is to find or make your own non-dairy kefir, then this high-protein snack comes out quite nicely. A definite must do again when it comes to gourmet protein kefir bars.

SuperMint & Blueberry Kefir Ice Cream Protein Bars



  1. Mix the water and coconut milk powder together until well-combined.
  2. Combine half of the kefir (1 cup), half the Warrior Blend vanilla (1 scoop), frozen blueberries, half the prepared coconut milk. Blend together and set aside in a separate bowl.
  3. Combine second half of the kefir (1 cup), Warrior Blend vanilla (1 scoop), mint Sunwarrior Supergreens, half the prepared coconut milk. Blend together.
  4. Take out ice cream bar molds and alternately pour both blueberry ice cream and mint mixes until the ice cream molds are filled.
  5. Store ice cream molds in freezer to set overnight.
  6. Once set, take out one at a time and enjoy!

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