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Raw Vegan Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream

I gave up on ice cream a long time ago. Before I went vegan, dairy ice cream just made me hurt. I’ve tried a few brands of vegan ice cream, which ranged from just “meh” to pretty good, but the price tag always makes me want to retch, so I just haven’t been buying it. I decided to acquire a second hand ice cream maker (I suggest you do the same). This ice cream is cheap to make and seriously the best I’ve ever had. It mimics all the creaminess of dairy ice cream, without any of the sore tummy issues afterwards. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream

Method: blend ingredients ‘til just combined. Pour into prepared ice cream maker. Churn for 30 minutes. You can eat it now (like soft serve) or transfer it to a container and freeze for 2 hours for ice cream that is nice and firm (like in the photos). If you don’t have an ice cream maker, feel free to try this method (without the dairy, of course), though I can’t guarantee the exact same results.

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