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Raspberry Pineapple Skin and Stomach Soothing Smoothie

Soothe your skin and your stomach with this tasty Raspberry Pineapple Skin and Stomach Soothing Smoothie!

Smoothies often taste amazing but they’re even better when they’re prescriptive! The raspberries in this smoothie not only provide your body with a ton of disease-fighting antioxidants, and not only feed your body that lovely and necessary fiber, but raspberries are said to actually be able to protect your skin from the sun! What? Seriously? Yes! Raspberries contain something called “ellagic acid” which is said to block the production of enzymes caused by excessive sun exposure that breaks down collagen in our skin and leads to noticeable unwanted sun damage. And as a double whammy, raspberries are rich in vitamin C which is said to help UV skin damage! Add to that all the collagen-boosting ingredients in Sunwarrior’s Slim Collagen Boost, and your skin will be loving you.

Then comes the pineapple which swoops in there with additional skin-damage-fighting vitamin C plus stomach-soothing bromelain that really helps aid digestion, coupled with a strong amount of fiber that aids in keeping things regular if you know what I mean.

The banana in this recipe helps keep the texture smooth, the oats bulk it up, and the Sunwarrior Slim Collagen Boost helps you feel fuller longer while providing skin and stomach nourishing nutrients so you feel your best.

Raspberry Pineapple Skin and Stomach Soothing Smoothie



Blend everything together in your high-speed blender. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy the benefits for long after the glass is empty.

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