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Quinoa Yogi Pilaf

This is a perfect power meal for a hard-core yogi! It’s easy to make, filling to the tummy, and blissful to the soul.

The right combination of food is key after an intense yoga workout to help build, fuel, and repair every cell in our body. Ayurveda (ancient science of healing originated from India) tells us that what we eat is not only important for our physical health, but that the subtle energies in every food we consume have a direct relation to our emotions and mental wellbeing. (Learn more about Ayurveda here: http://JeevaLifestyle.com/introduction-to-ayurveda/)

This Quinoa Pilaf is my favorite post-yoga dish. It’s a treat to the taste buds, provides the right kind of carbs and protein to fuel your stretched muscles, is full of good-for-you Omega 3 fats that keep your energy up and your stomach satisfied, and is rich in fiber to aid in regular and healthy elimination.

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