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Marinated and Grilled Artichoke Hearts

Marinated and grilled artichokes are a deliciously fresh spring-time recipe sure to have you coming back for more! Artichoke hearts are available year-round in the canning isle and provide a filling meal for vegetarians and vegans. (Look for either glass jars or BPA free cans.) Serve over organic lacinato kale and you’re in for a filling meal, rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins C and K, folate, and antioxidants.

According to Greek legend, the artichoke was created when the god Zeus was rejected by a goddess and he turned her into a thistle. But don’t be fooled by the prickly exterior, the ancient Greeks used the artichoke for deodorant, a breath freshener, and as an aphrodisiac. Beneath the rough exterior, a tender “heart” awaits with a buttery taste and silky consistency and pair well with the flavors of lemon, olive oil, and garlic.

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