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Magnificent Collagen Coconut Matcha Latte!

We've blended the earthy goodness of Matcha with creamy, dreamy coconut, and added collagen magic for that radiant glow in this magnificent collagen coconut matcha latte. Whether you're a wellness warrior or just craving a delightful treat, this latte will transport your taste buds to a paradise of flavor. Sip, smile, and sip some more.

Meet your secret weapon for beautiful well-being. This innovative blend combines the ancient wisdom of matcha tea from the highest grades of Matcha: ceremonial (1st harvest) and premium (2nd harvest) with the beauty-boosting benefits of collagen-building protein peptides.

Magnificent Collagen Coconut Matcha Latte!



Blend all the above (except for the ice) in your blender until smooth. Place ice in your favorite glass. Pour the matcha latte over ice and get ready for beautifying, feel-good flavor!

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