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High-Protein Vegan Chewy Gingerbread Cookies!

Christmas may be over, but gingerbread cookies are forever! These high protein vegan chewy gingerbread cookies are so good, you’ll want them for breakfast!

My favorite part of this high-protein, vegan, chewy gingerbread cookie recipe is…. well, there’s so much I love about this recipe that choosing my favorite would be like Santa choosing his favorite reindeer! (ie. IMPOSSIBLE.)

This one-bowl recipe is easy, vegan, healthy, chewy, speedy and tasty. BUT, my most favorite trait of them all is the addition of the Sunwarrior Classic vanilla protein powder! Because the protein makes them not go right to your head (which means you can legitimately eat them moments after waking up from bed! Yes, they’re healthy enough to be a breakfast cookie!) And the addition of the plant-based protein means they’ll really fill you up so you wouldn’t even be able to eat more than like two in a sitting even if you tried really hard! Victory! (Plus, they obviously taste amazing.)

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