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Espresso Chocolate Coconut Oaties | Vegan Recipe

I am ALL about the afternoon pick-me-up. I have no problem powering through the mornings with ease thanks to a hearty breakfast and big ol’ cup of coffee. However, frequently after lunch I start dragging. Sometimes this problem can be fixed by sipping some ice cold water and eating an apple or if I REALLY need it, a refreshing iced coffee. But on those days when none of the previously mentioned afternoon snacks sustain my energy levels, I know I need chocolate. Rather than ripping opening that chocolate bar, I try to be reasonable with my craving. Espresso Chocolate Coconut Oaties?!? That just might work.

These guys are filled with healthy fats, whole grains, protein, a touch of sweetness, and of course, that chocolate goodness we all crave. I personally like to pop back a few of these guys alongside a banana or any other kind of fruit. There are many other recipes out there similar in nature but have names such as "Protein-Packed {every ingredient but the kitchen sink} BallZz.” Um, excuse me? How about Oaties? They sound MUCH tastier than "BallZz," and while these guys pack a punch of protein, they are by no means meant to make it look like every day is upper body day. Nobody finds that attractive.

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