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Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Shake

Valentine’s Day is referred to some people as a time for cuddles and calories. We encourage cuddles, but we’re here to cut calories without cutting flavor with this dark chocolate and raspberry shake!

Valentine’s Day can sometimes create havoc on our New Year’s goals by over indulging on sweets. Instead of growing your waistline, grow your health and love for the people around you. Change things around this year by surprising your loved one with a superfood protein shake that will energize them the entire day.

This protein-packed smoothie is filled with super foods. It contains chia seeds, hemp seeds, Camu Camu powder, Sunwarrior Classic chocolate protein, cacao, and lucuma. Chia seeds are high in fiber and are packed with protein. Chia seeds help to keep you fuller longer as they expand in your stomach after ingested. Hemp hearts are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Hemp hearts are one of nature’s most perfect and well-balanced foods. They help with weight loss, sustain energy levels, reduce inflammation, and contain more protein (when compared gram for gram) than chicken. These hemp hearts are very easy for the stomach to digest therefore we rapidly reap all of the benefits after being consumed.

Camu powder is one of those mysterious ingredients that we hear or see in recipes or in health food supermarkets. Camu Camu is a fruit that has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin c in the world. It also has an impressive amount of iron and calcium. Camu is rich in vitamin c and can help balance out hormone levels which are nature’s natural antioxidant. Lastly, lucuma is a natural sweetener. It is derived from a fruit just like Camu Camu. It can sweeten foods without raising blood sugar levels. This is the perfect sweetener for individuals who suffer from diabetes. Lucuma is rich in fiber which can help the digestive system function properly. Lucuma powder is wonderful to bake with as it replaces the need for refined sugars.

This superfood smoothie is guaranteed to give you an extra surge of energy to enjoy a fun filled day with loved ones.

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Shake



Blend all ingredients together in a high-speed blender. Pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy!

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