So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Coconut Macaroons & Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

Ice cream is a treat we all enjoy, especially on a hot summer’s day! Just like ice cream, macaroons are right up there on the mouthwatering chart if you ask me. But what if we’re working hard in the gym and want to keep seeing hard earned results? Indulging in a sweet treat that doesn’t fit our goals can sometimes be quite tempting and difficult to resist. However, I never understood why sweet treats had to be so bad for us; there has to be a way to enjoy a sweet treat and stay on track. And so I started to make my own. Learning what ingredients you can swap to create a clean recipe from a not-so-clean dish certainly helps keep the fitness motivation going. Exchanging dairy and sugar for protein powers, organic tofu, and fruit can make an amazingly sweet snack without the guilt! Here is a super clean treat that you can feel good about eating!

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