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Coconut Ice Cream with Organic Raspberry Sauce

Looking for a healthy dessert option and not sure where to start? The weather is going to warm up and you’ll want to cool down with my favorite homemade coconut ice cream paired perfectly with an organic raspberry sauce. This non-dairy, gluten free, vegan and paleo friendly “ice cream” treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the additives and preservatives, massive calories, dairy, and refined sugar of classic after-dinner options.

Did you know that many chain restaurants offer desserts with upwards of 1,500 calories? In addition to that, the portion sizing makes controlling your calorie intake that much harder. Making healthy dessert options at home can be just as rewarding to your taste buds and make it much easier to control serving size. This dessert is under 300 calories for one serving, with a shockingly low sugar count of only 5 grams a serving!

Additionally, the refined sugar and dairy in common desserts can irritate the digestive tract. My dessert is packed with functional nutrients that further your goals as a health conscious foodie. Coconut is highly nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber while also possessing many health benefits. Coconut oil is a particularly rich dietary oil that can kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Organic raspberries are a low sugar option packed with flavor. Combine the two and your dessert ready taste buds will be thanking you!

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