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Chocolate Protein Bars | Raw Vegan Recipe

Store bought protein bars are not what they claim to be. Most are filled with artificial sugar and chemicals that do exactly the opposite of what they advertise. Making your own, homemade protein bars is the way to go if you are looking to boost your nutrient intake. Not to mention they’re a good “grab and go” protein filled snack that can help you stick to a clean eating routine.When preparing your bar, make sure you add in nutrient-packed ingredients such as honey, nuts, and chia seeds. This will fuel your body with much needed vitamins and antioxidants and also help fight against the midafternoon crash. Preparation is key, and real, raw food is life.



Mix all ingredients together and press the mixture into a shallow baking dish you’ve lined with foil.Cover with more foil, press well into the baking dish, and refrigerate for 4 hours.Cut into bar shapes, wrap, and store in refrigerator till ready to eat.

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