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BPA Free Tomato Sauce Never Tasted So Fresh!

Health professionals have united in a stand against one of the most dangerous foods that sits on grocery store shelves. Despite being more expensive and less healthy, the trend of using canned tomatoes is very common. The problem lies in the lining of the can which contains bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to several harmful health ailments like heart disease, diabetes, reproductive issues and obesity. Fredrick Vom Sall, PhD, endocrinologist at the University of Missouri tells us, “You can get 50 mcg of BPA per liter out of a tomato can, and that’s a level that is going to impact people, particularly the young.” So how do you make recipes that call for canned tomatoes? What about all of that delicious, vegetarian-friendly, Italian food?

Don’t be discouraged, I’m going to show you an easy way to make your own tomato sauce with fresh organic ingredients and none of the BPA. If you’re not interested in playing chef, choose prepared tomato products in glass bottles or Tetra Pak boxes which do not need resin linings. Get ready to gather up your garden vegetables and herbs to make a simple yet traditional sauce that can be used in delightful Italian dishes or frozen and saved for a rainy day.

After the Spaniards introduced the tomato to Europe, it is said that the cooks aboard Neapolitan ships created this sauce by combining garlic, onions, tomatoes, and spices. This food item worked nicely at sea because it didn’t spoil easily due to the high acidity and contained no meat product. While tradition teaches using fresh tomatoes, the popular quick fix is to use canned tomatoes, but as we’ve learned, the health risks greatly outweigh the convenience. Here’s how to make your own deliciously fresh organic tomato sauce in the crock pot.

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