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Blueberry Pearl Parfait with Chia Goodness

The yogurt craze seems to prevail, and many passionately profess they can’t give it up, even with dairy ranking as one of the top food allergens and linked to inflammation. So I’ve created a fabulous alternative for those choosing to minimize or avoid it completely. This silky and creamy blend is augmented with calcium, iron, and omega 3 and fiber-rich chia seeds. (It’s a hands-down winner over yogurt in my view!) As it’s made from a base of organic silken tofu, I’ve included a link below if you have concerns with using soy products. This too can be a food allergen for some, yet my experience and research has revealed the challenge with soy for most relates to GMO versions as well as the permeation of soy derivatives in many processed foods. Give this a taste test and let me know what you think. Its super easy to make and my sense is you’ll love it, feel refueled, and yes, digestion will actually be augmented rather than impaired.

To your health and fabulous foods consumption and honoring, Teri.

Make this a few hours or the night before you plan to eat it. The recipe can be doubled or cut in half (I did and whipped this up in my small personal Oster blender). It’s fast, easy, yummy, and a perfect alternative to yogurt. Besides being rich in protein and omega 3s, there is the bonus of added iron, fiber, and adaptogenic phytoestrogens that help balance hormone levels.

For more info on soy:

Blueberry Pearl Parfait with Chia Goodness

blueberry_chia_parfait_ingredients_silken_tofu_picMakes 4 servings / gluten free – vegan options


  • 2 cups silken tofu – organic (find local if possible).
  • 1 heaping cup wild blueberries (fresh or frozen) – divided
  • 3/4 cup chia seeds or Earthy Choice Chia Cereal (cranberry is my preference for this recipe) alternatively Earth Circle chia seeds
  • Splash or two of non-dairy milk such as rice, almond, coconut, hemp, etc.


  • Raw local honey to taste, it’s probiotic rich! (or choose vegan sweetener maple syrup, stevia, etc.)
  • 1–2 servings of quality dairy free probiotics
  • Serve with fresh berries, raw honey, cinnamon, or lemon or orange zest


Measure the silken tofu and two-thirds of the blueberries into your blender, along with a splash of the milk alternative and a teaspoon or two of honey if using. Blend until creamy, adding a little more liquid if needed.

Pour into a glass bowl, stir in the remaining blueberries and chia seeds or cereal, cover and refrigerate approximately 2 hours or overnight, allowing the chia seeds to set the parfait.

Serve as is or layer in a wine glass with fresh berries and top with a drizzle of honey, cinnamon, zest, or whatever best fits your mood.

Teri’s Tip: this will keep for up to three days stored in the refrigerator and is perfect to make in a mason jar for a grab and go breakfast or snack. If you are using unsweetened chia, adding honey (or maple syrup or stevia for strict vegans) is likely necessary.

If you want even more protein power, stir in a serving of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend vanilla protein powder

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