Banana Maca Sun Smoothie

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m in need of sustenance and an immune booster so off to the kitchen I go to see what I’ve got on hand. I’m running low on fruit; in fact, all I have left is a single banana. However, I want a smoothie and having only one fruit isn’t going to stop me. I may need to replenish my fruit supply, but I still have plenty of spices and supplements to make a spectacular smoothie.

Dark leafy greens are full of antioxidants and nutrients that make them worthy of being in a smoothie. The flavor of spinach is easily covered by other ingredients, if that’s an issue for you, but you could easily use romaine lettuce, kale, or other greens. Cinnamon, turmeric, and maca are full of nutrients and flavor, and maca is great as an aid to balance your hormones. Well, truthfully, all these ingredients are good for you in one way or another, so let’s get on to the smoothie so you can experience it for yourself!

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