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What’s Your Dill? Cauliflower Soup with NOOCH!

It’s cold outside, which makes warming up from the inside out awesome. This cauliflower soup is sure to offer all that is comfortable and cozy this winter.

Nooch! is what vegans call nutritional yeast. You can sprinkle it on foods to give them a savory, cheesy flavor. The benefit is that it’s fortified with B vitamins (read the label and make sure the brand you’re buying is fortified). Most of us are crazy about nooch and are always looking for a new way to use it.

This soup doesn’t need it, but hey, who doesn’t want a nice cheesy topping full of delicious vitamin goodness on their soup?

This is a fat free soup!

This recipe is like 3 options in 1! You can blend it* and make a creamy soup topped with the nutritional yeast, you can NOT blend it and top it with nutritional yeast, or you can OMIT the yeast** from either option.

Remember to add the dill at the end so it stays nice and green!***

cauliflower soup 1_pic

Cauliflower Soup with NOOCH!


  • 1 cauliflower, florets
  • 3 red potatoes, chopped
  • 2 bay Leaves (removed before serving)
  • cauliflower soup 2_pic2–3 cloves garlic
  • One onion, chopped
  • 4–6 carrots, chopped
  • Green beans cut into ¾ inch bite size pieces (or peas if you prefer)
  • Dill (***added at the end)
  • Celtic sea salt
  • Served with nutritional yeast on top (Nooch!)
  • 6 cups filtered water


  1. Sauté onions in a pan
  2. Place all ingredients (except dill) in a large cooking pot and bring to a boil
  3. As soon as you reach a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer until cauliflower is barely softened
  4. Add dill and let simmer another three minutes
  5. Enjoy!

You can also double or triple this recipe and go big.

nutritional yeast_pic*If you want a creamy soup, this soup could be blended with immersion blender after removing the bay leaf and before adding the green beans, (but I did not blend it, and it’s still fantastic!).

*The nutritional yeast is important. This soup is grand without it, but it really finishes this with a nice cheesy flavor, and you get to yell out, “NOOCH!” as you serve the soup!

*Serve hot sauce on the table as a topping option. Roasted chili flakes would be amazing!

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