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Weight Training for Everyone: Forward Lunge

Weight training doesn’t always require a battery of equipment. This functional lunge requires only two dumbbells.

Your Sunwarrior trainer and dietician, Tim McComsey, brings you a functional exercise that requires only two dumbbells.

You’ve probably heard of a traditional forward lunge, but Tim demonstrates an alternative to the regular lunge that can help prepare you for life outside the gym. Whether you’re picking up trash or carrying your groceries, your muscles will thank you after mastering this exercise.

Begin by stepping forward like you would in a traditional forward lunge. But here’s where things get a little more “functional.” In the lunge position, bend forward at the hips so your chest is over your knee, then return to standing position, and alternate legs.

You’ll find this exercise is a little harder that the normal lunge, but you’ll get a great workout that will help you outside the gym.

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