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10 Fitness Tips from Expert Trainer Tim McComsey

There are endless amounts of tips and tricks available at your fingertips on the subject of health and fitness today. Some of them are worth the read, while others tend to make more noise than sense. When it comes to your own health and fitness goals, rely on advice from a true professional. No better resource for all things fitness than to hear it straight from expert trainer tim_mccomsey_trym_fitness_picTim McComsey of TRYM Fitness. Tim cares about his clients’ individual needs and tailors their programs to help them reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Based on 15 years of experience, Tim has shared 10 Fitness Tips to help you maximize your own potential.

Workouts should stay within a 60 minute time frame

The length of your workout doesn’t necessarily determine the intensity. I spend about 60 minutes on my actual workout which includes any weighted exercise, short rest periods, and any interval cardio or HIIT that I have planned.

Vary your workout routine every 3–4 weeks

Varying your workout is the key to avoiding plateau while achieving lasting results. I always recommend changing your workouts every 3–4 weeks. This can include changing how you divide up muscles groups and what exercises you use to train your body.

Always begin with a dynamic warmup and foam rolling

Preparing your body for the workout can allow your body to activate and use 60% more of your muscles. Which means building more lean mass and burning more fat. I like to spend 10 minutes doing self-myofascial release on the foam roller focusing on the muscle groups I will be working. I then go through a 5 minute dynamic warm up including lunges, glute kicks, bodyweight squats, and more.

Use weighted resistance training 3x a week minimum, 5x maximum

Using weights and resistance training allows you to build more muscle which in turn gives you an edge on body fat while strengthening your cardiovascular system. Weight training also keeps stress hormones at bay which allows you to feel more relaxed and happy the other 23 hours of the day.

free_weight_exercise_proper_form_picFree Weights Over Machines

Free weights force your body to activate small stabilizer muscles that help build overall strength and stability. While machines are great for beginners or for someone recovering from an injury, opt for free weights if you’re physically able. In addition to being much less expensive, you also burn more calories because you’re mimicking functional everyday movements, proving you don’t need fancy machinery to get a killer workout in.

Incorporate HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training is the best way to challenge your cardiovascular system and target fat stores. Just combine equal work with equal “working” rest. For example, if you run a 30 second sprint, spend 30 seconds walking.

Static stretching post workout

It’s no secret that stretching is very important to do. But stretching after your workout is imperative to prevent injury and build healthy muscle tissue. Practice a total body stretching, focusing on the muscle groups that you worked out. Hold your stretch for 15–30 seconds to allow your muscle to respond to the stretch and relax.

Stay Hydrated

Sweating during your workout helps you naturally detoxify, but it's possible to lose vital nutrients and minerals if you don’t stay hydrated. Replenishing electrolytes to keep your muscles hydrated before, during and after your workouts will help you maintain optimal athletic performance. Begin hydrating an hour before you begin your workouts. Be sure to drink about 1 oz per pound of body weight throughout the day.

ball_workout_woman_outside_nature_picFuel your workout, recover from workout

Pre and post workout nutrition can make or break any work that you’re doing in the gym. Prepare for your workout and refuel with adequate amounts of carbohydrates for energy. Protein gives your body the amino acids needed to repair muscles broken down by lifting weights.

Sleep 8 Hours Every Night

Eight is the magic number of hours of sleep I recommend my clients get each night to give their body the time it needs to perform at a high level day in and day out. Spending quality time in your REM cycle allows your body has to repair itself, burn fat, and rest for the next day’s activities. Typically prime fat burning sleeping hours are from 11pm to 1am.

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