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The Powers of Ginger

Super powers exist in your produce section. Ginger has a pretty powerful impact on your well-being. Get you some ginger going on and discover what the health we’re talking about.

One of the world’s healthiest foods is readily available in the produce section, spice isle, health store, and even your own backyard if you have a green thumb. So, if you’re not incorporating this great tasting, powerful ingredient into your diet on a daily basis, this article will give you many reasons why you should.

Originating from China, the rhizome (often called the ginger root) is often used in home-cooked Asian food, but not as often in North American cooking. But did you know that this wondrous warm spice is loaded with nutrients, and the bioactive compound Gingerol, that has been proven over and over to benefit the brain and body? So get your shaker, blender, grater, slicer, and measuring spoons ready because here are the top 5 reasons you will want to get your ginger on!

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Reducing inflammation and associated pain are a top contender for many ginger users. That bioactive compound Gingerol is to thank. Studies have shown a great reduction for those suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. This powerful compound helps with mobility, muscular discomfort, pain, and swelling.

Because of this strong anti-inflammatory property, other diseases such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease may benefit from a daily dose of ginger.

Containing chromium, magnesium, and zinc - Ginger also keeps the blood flowing, thus, improving blood circulation.

Digestive Discomfort and Nausea Cure

We all have suffered from that upset stomach or that feeling of nausea. It’s not a pleasant feeling. Ginger powder can help! If you suffer from indigestion, consuming ginger powder before a meal stimulates gastric and pancreatic secretions, so the food you’ve eaten moves through your stomach easier. Using ginger powder as a digestive aid can decrease upper stomach discomfort and indigestion can be improved. So before reaching for those antacids after a meal, reach for the ginger powder.

Ginger tea can greatly help that feeling of nausea and the upset stomach. Ginger tea bags can be bought, but a little grated, raw ginger steeped in boiling water will do the trick.

Boosting Immunity

Our immune system is always on the go. We don’t realize how much we rely on our immunity until we wake with a sore throat, nasty cough, congestion, or runny nose. Taking a ginger supplement every day can help strengthen and improve our immune system. However, if you find yourself ailing from any of these symptoms, crushing some raw ginger to activate it’s healing properties, and mixing it with honey and boiling water (like a tea) will help break up phlegm and congestion.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux Cure

Although ginger doesn’t completely stop acid reflux, it can help reduce the problem by absorbing excess stomach acids while aiding in digestion. Ginger also contains phenols which help relax the stomach muscles creating a less active environment in the tummy! 1,000 mg of ginger powder (or in capsule form) daily can help you if you suffer from this condition.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer, in a nutshell, is an abnormal growth of cells. As studies continue towards cancer and cancer prevention, Positive results have been shown in regards to ginger use. Ginger has been shown to slow the growth of colon cancer cells, as well as destroy ovarian cancer cells. Ginger extract was shown in multiple studies to be an effective, natural source towards preventative measures.

Ginger is not only a warm, tasty spice, it benefits our well-being. Incorporating it into our diets is super easy too. Ginger teas, nibbling on pickled ginger or raw ginger, grating it into yogurt, blending it into smoothies, or adding it into stir-fry or favorite dishes. Any way you add ginger to your daily health is a good way, and you will only be aiding your own health in one of the most powerful ways.

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