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The Do’s And Do Not's Of Happy Living

Being happy doesn’t have to be complicated. This simple list of do’s and do not's can help you on your quest to live a full and happy life.

Living life with certain guidelines can help avoid a plethora of health complications as you age. Simple, minor changes in your lifestyle and habits can reap rich dividends in the long run. Based on the lessons learned, we have made a comprehensive list of some Do’s and Don’ts to live a long, hale and hearty life.

Do eat breakfast:

Jump start your metabolism with a healthy nutritious diet that includes fresh fruits, cereal with nuts and berries, and protein rich foods. This is the most important meal of the day to fuel your mind and body. Skipping breakfast can actually lead to weight gain according to a study conducted by researchers.

Do eat more fresh, nutritious food:

People these days are into packaged and processed foods due to busy lifestyles and a greater need for convenience. These foods are high in sugars, salt, saturated and trans-fats, preservatives, and other food additives—many of which are known to be toxic. The increasing use of genetically modified foods is known to cause severe allergies and other illnesses.

Do stay hydrated:

Knowing that the human body is comprised mainly of water, and also that a good amount of water is lost throughout the day due to normal bodily functions, replenishing lost water is highly important to maintain energy. Drinking around 8–10 glasses of water not only keeps you hydrated, but also aids in weight loss.

Do keep active or keep moving:

Inactivity, such as sitting for long periods of time, causes eye strain, back pain, and weight gain. Simple activities like a walk around the office, stretching, bending, climbing stairs, and DIY activities that require you to move your body, can all keep you active. Taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood or walking across the office to talk to a fellow co-worker can be an excuse to not only break your routine, but also nurture human contact. Exercising regularly can significantly lower the risk of a slew of health problems ranging from physical inabilities like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis to mental conditions like depression, dementia, and many others.

Do sleep well:

Adequate amount of sleep is necessary for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Sleep deprivation can lead to memory lapses, decrease in creativity and even your lifespan.

Do detox your body and environment to reduce stress:

The toxic substances that enter our body through air, food, water supply, personal hygiene, cleaning products, cosmetics, and the OTC or prescription drugs that we use damage our body systems beyond repair. It is necessary to be aware of the damage those toxic substances can do. The number one toxin in our daily lives is stress. It’s important to get a grip on our stresses and how we handle them. This number one toxin can slowly, but surely, deteriorate our lives.

Be passionate and dedicated:

Do something you’ve always wanted to do, something that you can look forward to everyday, learn a new skill, take a Pilates or music class, volunteer in community service , work with the elderly, or with small children. Involving yourself in creative activities keeps your brain exercised. Whether it is your work or time spent with family or friends, be dedicated. Give undivided attention to the task at hand so that you face less hurdles in life—both at work and in your relationships.

Develop a sense of humor:

Having a good sense of humor can alleviate the most stressful situations. Smiling can actually make you feel better, and, as we all know, laughter is the best medicine, so laugh away your worries.

Unplug and relax:

You need to plan some me time in your busy schedule. Get away from all forms of technology and treat yourself by doing something that really unwinds the nerves: a relaxing massage, yoga, music, or catching up on the much needed sleep. Take time to refuel, rejuvenate, and take that much-needed break. Health is wealth. Don’t take your health for granted.

While you practice healthy habits that lead to a fulfilling life, you need to abstain from certain unhealthy habits as well.

Don’t over eat or go on a strict diet:

Eating disorders are the result of excessive anxiety and vice versa. Do not overeat at meals instead, have more frequent smaller meals and healthy snacks in between. Keep away from junk food, stock your place with nourishing alternatives to keep your weight in check. Intermittent dieting and binging is harmful to your body, instead, develop a healthy lifestyle and eating habits gradually.

Don’t hydrate with soda or alcohol:

If your idea of hydration is gulping down soda or alcohol to satisfy your thirst, think twice. All soft and hard drinks are high in sugar content—excessive consumption of which can lead to a variety of health issues like diabetes, obesity, liver disease, and neuropathy.

Don’t let machines replace human interaction; also don’t spend time with negative people.

Connecting with people and being socially active allows people to live longer, happier lives. Connecting with happy people helps keep balance and positivity.

Negativity breeds negativity. If you are constantly in the company of people who only focus on the negative aspects of everything, you’ll feel weighed down and unhappy. Avoid such people, and see the difference in your mood and outlook on life.

Don’t fill your body with toxins:

Cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse is the leading cause of cancer, lung diseases, and eventually death. Chronic stress has been linked to many physical and mental disorders. Drinking green tea has been shown to be beneficial in reducing cholesterol, speeding up metabolism, and reducing the risk of cancers and heart disease.

Don’t let baggage weigh down your mind:

Letting go of negative feelings, hurt, resentment, and envy will help eliminate mental stress and help you feel good about yourself.

Don’t prioritize work over everything else:

Never get so busy making a life that you forget to live a life. In our quest for the best, we can accidentally overlook joy, serenity, nature, and relationships. Enjoy the little things; live in the moment. Practice moderation, whether at work, home, or in implementing a diet or exercise regime. Appreciate each moment, and stop worrying about the future. Don’t forget to keep a gratitude journal. You’ll be grateful you did!

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